Will Maui Senators Kill Pesticide Bill in Back Room? After passage by House, fate of historic law depends on Baker, English, Keith-Agaran & Kouchi

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The fate of the most important pesticide bill ever proposed in Hawaii is now in the hands of a few influential Maui and Kauai Senators who could kill it in a backroom deal.

Last year a similar bill died through legislative inaction, with Gary Hooser reporting that: “Multiple sources at the Capitol point the finger of blame to Representative Lynn DeCoite (who represents East Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i ) and Kauai West-Side Representative Dee Morikawa as the key reason the chemical companies have prevailed in the House.”

As pointed out in the new Maui Independent post by Tina Wildberger, the latest pesticide bill (SB3095HD1) received unanimous support in the House of Representatives. And now Democratic Senators could be making decisions in conflict with the platform of the Hawaii Democratic Party which urges a ban on toxic pesticides herbicides around sensitive facilities (like schools).

Maui has a huge influence on the bill as Senator Kalani English is the Majority Leader, Senator Gil Keith-Agaran is the Assistant Majority Whip, and Senator Rozalyn Baker Chairs the key Consumer Protection and Health Committee.

Who will we blame this time if this new bill goes down in flames? Or will our Senate representatives finally stand up to the agribusiness lobby and heed the call of the people – enough already!

Let our representative know how you feel.

Senator Gilbert Keith-Agaran – Senate District 5 – Wailuku, Waihe’e, Kahului
Phone 808-586-7344
Fax 808-586-7348
E-Mail: senkeithagaran@capitol.hawaii.gov

Senator J. Kalani English – Senate District 7
phone: 808-587-7225
fax: 808-587-7230

Senator Roz Baker – Senate District 6
phone: 808-586-6070
fax: 808-586-6071

Senator Ronald D. Kouchi – Senate District 8
phone: 808-586-6030
fax: 808-586-6031

Read the full bill here..https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2018/bills/SB3095_.HTM

Will Hawai’i’s New Pesticide Bill Triumph Over Agribusiness Lies

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