How to Buy an Election on Maui Almost $1 million from pro-development interests has been raised to defeat three progressive Council candidates

Posted by - November 2, 2022

As part of a broad effort to reverse progressive legislation introduced by the current Ohana member-dominated Maui County Council, a new record has been set for the amount of money donated by an Oahu-based organization to buy three Council seats and a pro-development majority in the coming election. A mind-blowing total of almost one million dollars

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‘Onipa’a 2022 Candidates Unite Against Pro-Development Millions Flooding Council Election Johnson, Paltin, Rawlins-Fernandez, Sinenci, Ahia, Boone, Hocker, and Knox fight to preserve Maui’s five person progressive majority

Posted by - October 17, 2022

As Maui’s electorate prepares to vote for County Council candidates a clear choice has emerged. Eight progressive candidates have united as ‘Onipa’a 2022 on a platform of protecting our island’s fragile resources are facing off against a group of corporation-friendly candidates seeking to turn back the clock to the days when developers and agrochemical companies

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