Endorsement: Yes on 12 & ‘Onipa‘a 2022 Candidates Vote to stop development money from buying control of Maui's County Council

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View the Maui Independent’s video endorsement, narrated by Alika Atay, or read the text version of the commentary below.

Corporate America has a vision for Maui’s future. It is the same vision they have had for 130 years.

It is a vision of ruthlessly exploiting our island’s bountiful environment and hard working people for their insatiable profits. It’s a vision of pesticide test farms, over-tourism and over-development. A vision in which our government exists to serve corporate profits and the world’s wealthiest people.

Land development and tourist industry businesses have been flooding Maui’s November 8 County elections with millions of dollars in campaign donations to back a slate of compliant candidates who will carry out their vision. 

The corporate bosses are investing big to replace Maui’s two year old progressive 5 to 4 County Council majority–the county council majority that has passed historic legislation to protect our water, land and its people.

Now, the Old Guard politicians and corporate puppets want back in. That’s why we urge everyone who cares about Maui’s ʻāina and future to vote for  Proposal 12 Charter Amendment 12 on the ballot, which would finally allow Maui’s people, not plantations, to control our most precious resource, water.

And to also back the united ‘Onipa‘a 2022 candidates, vote for Maui County Council incumbents Gabe Johnson, Tamara Paltin, Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, and Shane Sinenci, as well as brave newcomers Noelani Ahia, Nara Boone, Jordan Hocker, and Robin Knox.

‘Onipa‘a means to stand tall, to be steadfast, and unmovable, on behalf of what is right and pono. Vote ‘Onipa‘a 2022 on behalf of a bright, uncorrupted future for our beloved island of Maui Nui.

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