Historic Maui Ohana Victory Will Bring Public Interest Government to County New Progressive Majority Defeats Old Guard That Has Controlled Maui Since Statehood

Posted by - November 8, 2018

Since statehood, political power on Maui has resided with resort, development and agribusiness interests.  Through their campaign donations and backroom support, this powerful business establishment kept an old guard of politicians in power. All that changed during the election last night (Tuesday, November 6, 2018) when an overwhelming majority of Maui citizens decided “Enuff Already.” Voters

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Can Elle Cochran Win Maui’s Mayoral Race and Send the Good Old Boys Packing? Q&A With the Most Outspoken Populist Reformer in County History

Posted by - October 12, 2018

Council Member Elle Cochran, who was the top vote-getter in the 2016 Maui Council election, is running for mayor this November on a platform of revolutionizing County government to create a new culture of transparency and effective collaboration. “Elle,” as she is widely known, makes no secret of her intention of sweeping away a plantation-mentality

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